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Eliza Ip is a fourth generation musician who first learned piano from her mother, Chi Ming Ip, a student of the famed Harry Ore in Hong Kong, classmate of Sergei Prokofiev and collaborator with the great Chinese violinist Ma Sicong.  As a young child, she had studied with the performer and professor of the piano department of Shanghai Conservatory of Music, LI Min-duo.  After graduating from music at UBC with a Bachelor and a Master's, she honed her educational skills, developing unique and powerful ways to teach practical and theoretical subjects, assuring that students learn music with passion, ease, discipline, and dedication.  

Since she began teaching in the mid-1980s, she has always held that a genuine relationship with music is first and foremost built from a sacred and positive relationship between teacher and student.  Her students have won competitions, received the highest marks in the RCM provincially, and have been accepted into undergraduate and graduate departments in North American universities including UBC, U Vic, SFU, University of San Francisco, Falmouth University (United Kingdom), etc.  Not only has she fostered classical students, but also has taught and developed students who have gone on to careers in up and coming Vancouver heavy metal bands like Exterminatus and Ev0lution.  She proudly counts Wendy Cheung as one of her students who has gone on to great success as a composer in Asia.

Eliza is also a film composer with recent projects with partners in Hollywood and other independent features.  She was in the music department a feature length animation, Battle of the Kings: Rostam & Sohrab, was screened at the Cannes Film Festival in 2012 and sold internationally successfully; a documentary, River of Paradise produced by Bahram Heidari and directed by Sean Stone (son of the famous Hollywood director, Oliver Stone) and another Hollywood veteran, Scott Frank (known for his work is movies such as Logan, Wolverine, Marley and Me, Minority Report etc.).  Most recently, she composed the music for the feature film Bewilderment which stars Sean Stone.  


More exciting projects are on the horizon, and it is this fantastic world of opportunities and creativity that she experiences first-hand and fosters in the Mozart School of Music as the director.  She believes that the journey to music is filled with an infinite number of exciting and adventurous paths.  Formal, quality training and creative encouragement make the recipe for giving the foundation for future success.  Therefore, at Mozart, she assures that every student, child or adult, receives the individualized support of the teachers and staff so they can reach their fullest potential and achieve their dreams.

Even when her students are not considering a career in music, many have returned to thank her for helping them achieve the RCM levels that help count toward acceptance into private schools/mini-school programs, high school accreditation, university entrance portfolios, acceptance into the Faculty of Medicine (UBC), School of Architecture (UBC) etc. 
Therefore, the value of a music education is far-reaching, and she endeavors to impress this upon all students at Mozart regardless of their goals.

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