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Hours of Operation

MSM is open 7 days a week, including holidays:

  • Monday - Friday: 2pm-8pm

  • Saturday - Sunday: 10am-5pm

Make up lessons & classes

  • Only up to three lessons per semester can be changed.

  • There are no make-up sessions for group classes.

  • If the teacher is absent, then the lesson will be made up.

Missed lesson policy

The school requires notification of a missed lesson from the student or parent at least 24 hours ahead. If advance notice of 24 hours or more is given for missed lessons, the teacher will create a waiting list and the lesson will be scheduled to a future time in the same semester at the discretion of the teacher and subject to time and studio availability.

Refund and withdraw policy​

  • There are no refunds for scheduled trial lessons or group classes.

  • Written notice, not less than 30 days ahead, is required to withdraw from private lessons for all semesters, including summer.

  • Only the lessons remaining after the 30-day period will be refunded.

  • A $15.00 administration fee is applied to all refunds.

  • No refunds will be issued after March 1st.

Late arrivals

There is no extension of lesson time for latecomers. However, if the teacher is late, the missed time will be made up.​


All communication relating to lesson changes and all other issues regarding the lessons must be through the MSM office. Teachers’ personal contact information cannot be given out.

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